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Mission Statement

To be the innovative, flexible partner for end-users and their suppliers (engineers, contractors) within the upstream / downstream / subsea and mining, regarding specific demands, special circumstances, extraordinary applications, hard to obtain products and short delivery times for valves in duplex, titanium and nickel alloys.

Specialists in design, manufacturing and supply of valves

Red Point manufactures ball, check, gate, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves, in the size range from 1/2” up till 24” and in pressure classes 125-4500 lbs (PN6-PN400).
Red Point Alloys BV (founded in 1987) designs, manufactures and supplies valves in special materials, such as Titanium and Nickel alloys, (Super) Duplex and corrosion resistant alloys. Valves are delivered worldwide to the (petro-)chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, oil production, offshore and onshore, oil refineries, gas storage, power generation and other industrial processes.

The daily problems and challenges of the process industry are at the same time
Red Point Alloys BV’s challenges to find suitable solutions for specific demands, special circumstances, extra-ordinary applications, hard to obtain products and short delivery times. The problem solving, innovative character and expertise of Red Point Alloys BV are translated into a diversity of quality valves, designed and manufactured in-house.

Material grades

Titanium (Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr. 7)
Nickel alloys (Hastelloy®, Incoloy®, Inconel®, Monel®, Alloy 20, etc.)
(Super) Duplex
(UNS S31803, S31254, S32750, S32760, ZERON100 etc. )
Other  corrosion / Heat resistant alloys
Red Point Alloys BV is ISO 9001 and CE/PED certified and authorized to re-mark materials. These qualifications enable Red Point Alloys BV to produce both single pieces and larger quantities in its modernly equipped machine shop. It is the policy to work extremely close to customers and partners, being pro-active, almost as a contracted extension of the client itself and bringing the price and service proportion of such synergies to the clients benefit.